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A-Z sketches in verse: April’s Applause

Alas, egad, and can it be?
It’s time to blog from A to Z.
Ahem, huzzah. Hold the applause
Until the zesty final clause.

Miss April’s shoes are set to dance.
Her pretty pen, it begs to prance.
So stick around. We’ll cut a rug,
As beckoned by the blogging bug.
c2015 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Adapted from Dancing the Charleston, by Georges Goursat,
Early 20th Century – public domain

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  1. What a great poem to start off my adventure into reading A to Z posts! I anxiously await your remaining posts :)

  2. This is lovely, looking forward to reading more.

  3. How cute and sweet! A nice start to my day.



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