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A-Z sketches in verse: Dandies on Display

Today’s a holiday, and so
Our daily clothes have got to go.
We press our pants. Our hair we puff.
We polish shoes to strut our stuff.
And though we fancies now may feign,
Tomorrow we’ll be plain again.
c2015 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Les Medicins - Fable de la Fontaine
Vintage/public domain artwork

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  1. Ooh! What fun! And I love the picture! I am a big fan of using old public domain artwork to illustrate my pieces, too- it is nice to think that they are being seen again, you know? I will definitely be stopping by here again!

  2. I like this one, so fitting for Easter. I dress up often, but it was interesting going to the store yesterday and seeing so many dressed up people.

  3. Concise but hilarious! Love these poems. Such Dandies!! If you're into interior decor/styles at all, my blog is
    I'll be reading more of your poems!!



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