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Classics Class - a Teacher's Lament on Students' Descent

Let's take a peek in a present-day high school English class, from behind the teacher's desk. Are we dumbing-down literature and creative writing? What has happened to culture and literacy?

Classics Class

"Publish or perish!" the principal said.
Perhaps I would be better off left for dead.
My dreams, they are filled with inkblots of red,
And my editing pencil has run out of lead.

A sophomoric essay has caught me off-guard,
Comparing an MTV star to the Bard.
Old Will's reputation is suddenly marred
By teen disrespect and complete disregard.

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1 comment:

  1. I loved this one! Being a former college journalism teacher (for a short stint) I could really identify with this.
    Keep up the great humor.



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