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Eating on the Fly

Adkins Diet, anyone?

Now that the holidays are over, how many of us are still trying to stick to our New Year's resolutions?

Here's a surefire way to lose those extra holiday pounds!

Eating on the Fly
A Rhymed Repast on Food Most Fast

I'm living on the Atkins Diet:
Never bread it; never fry it.
When I crave a little snack,
I saddle up my horse out back.

We take the trail among the trees
And there enjoy a gentle breeze.
I tilt my open mouth up high
And quickly catch a juicy fly.

I'm not too worried 'bout hygiene;
My focus, mainly, is protein.
Avoiding carbs and bad trans-fats,
I go for horseflies, fleas and gnats.

OK, are you sufficiently grossed out yet, or do you want to read a bit (er, bite) more? Click here to read "Eating on the Fly."

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