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Politics: Who is Millary-Kadillary?

Here's a rhyme, a political lampoon.

This song may be sung to the tune of the children's traditional folk song, "Michael Finnegan." Learn it by rote before you vote!

The Big Chillary
A Slogan in Verse.
Could It Get Much Worse?

We once knew a woman, known as Millary;
Married a man at the distillery,
They were matched, like Jack and Jill-ary:
Vote for Mrs. Millary-Kadillary.

Way up there on Capitol Hill-ary,
She went for the great big till-ary,
Once she learned the rote and drill-ary:
Vote for Mrs. Millary-Kadillary.

With her voice so loud and shrill-ary,
She sent babes unborn to kill-ary,
Then sent us the big bad bill-ary.
Vote for Mrs. Millary-Kadillary.

She downgraded our artillery,
Waffled there upon the grill-ary.
While her mate, he sought his thrill-ary.
Vote for Mrs. Millary-Kadillary.

There's more! Click here to read the rest of The Big Chillary, by Linda Ann Nickerson.

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