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Bank-in-a-Box - Etiquette for the Drive-Up ATM Machine

Rude ATM customers are everywhere, in small towns and big cities. Perhaps they have been cloned. Definitely, they should be rezoned, postponed, dethroned, or possibly disowned. But never condoned!


The automated teller machine (or money machine) is everywhere. It is virtually impossible to run out of cash nowadays, as long as you have sufficient funds in your bank account.

Forgot your lunch today? Stop at the ATM on the way to work.

Need $20 for the movies or fast food? Hit the ATM!

Gotta have $50 for dinner with a friend? Grab your greenbacks at the nearest ATM.

These ultra-convenient teller-in-a-box units can be found in grocery stores, shopping malls, and even on street corners. In addition, many bank branches offer drive-up ATMs for handy hurried transactions.

Interesting Individuals

Of course, with this banking courtesy, you can always find folks who will act discourteously, thoughtlessly, and outright ridiculously.

Click here
to meet a few of my favorite drive-up examples of etiquette forgettiquette experts.

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