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Cream of the Crop - A Poetic Intercession for the Best in His Profession

What do Eric Clapton and coffee have in common?
Neither are any good without Cream!
- M. S.

Cream of the Crop

My dear friend, I must disagree.
The best Slowhand is Mr. C!
My heart, just like a hammer, pounds
To hear this brave Ulysses' sounds.

A distant kin, this bluesman dear
Can run a riff to please the ear.
For decades, dancing on the edge,
A strange brew was his daily pledge.

And yet, his soul has searched for more,
As he has knocked on Heaven's door.
In tears eternal, seeking hope,
This long-lost pilgrim dropped his dope.

The Father's eyes have never left,
Although his soul has been bereft.
Like Mr. Key, the faithful pray
Forever man will find his way.

Want to read the rest? Click here to read "Cream of the Crop."

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