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Headlines & Deadlines - The Editor's Life and Strife

Writers pour their souls into their work. What does life look like from the other side of the desk? Here's a peek inside the editor's office.

Headlines and Deadlines
An Editor's Day on Poetic Display

My sky-blue pencil's poised to strike,
Deleting phrasings I dislike,
Another author's dreams to spill,
Conforming copy to my will.

I'm cropping photos, fitting art,
Tearing out a writer's heart,
Counting out each column inch
And adding fillers in a pinch.

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  1. Very impressive! You will go far with your one-of-a-kind original content. Best of luck!! Hit me up if you need Blogger help.

  2. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Sounds like what I'm doing, to much editing and not enough submitting.



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