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Compassion for Fashion - An Ode to Fashion Victims

Clearly, the fashion police have gone off duty. Maybe the apparel authorities have punched out. Perhaps they are just punchy. Could be, we all are! Clothed in rhyme, here are a few wearable warnings for our time.

Compassion for Fashion
An Ode to Fashion Victims

I'd like to call up my compassion
For tragic victims of highest fashion.
Our young and old and in-between,
Are sporting garb that's just obscene.

Those skimpy, stretchy lycra tops
Are showing up in high-priced shops.
Torn jeans can fetch a price so dear,
They make your savings disappear.

And save those flip-flops for the shore;
They're not in style anymore.
Your chiropractor wants you back
Because your frozen arches crack.

Don't get me started on briefs or thongs;
Keep underwear where it belongs.
Don't wanna see your tidy whites,
So please respect my human rights.

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