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A-Sailed! A Rhymed Repeating of Offshore Eating

In honor of my much-loved brother and sister-in-law, who depart for a tropical cruise this week, I post this poetic admonition on shipboard nutrition:

A-Sailed! A Rhymed Repeating of Offshore Eating

We won a prize, a special cruise;
"Hooray!" we said. "How can we lose?"
We danced along the entry ramp,
Like two young kids, attending camp.

The noon-day meal was simply great.
I went back for a second plate,
Of Caesar salad, lobster claws,
And then we headed for the spas.

Mid-afternoon, the call came out:
"The Lido Deck is serving trout."
We headed up and found our seats
And stuffed ourselves with homemade treats.

So, satisfied, we hit the pool,
Where sweet confections made us drool.
A waiter passed umbrella'ed drinks,
As we relaxed and turned quite pink.

By evening, they rang the bell
And dinner beckoned us. "Oh, swell!"
We donned our fancy garb and then,
We headed out to stuff again.

The presentation, it was sweet,
With every fish and fowl and meat.
We skipped the salad bar this time,
Because the pastries were sublime.

That night, I hovered on the deck.
I was a nauseated wreck.
I stood and retched over the side.
I'd swallowed everything but pride.

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