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Got a myspace, facebook, yuwie or other online network page?

Should employers be allowed to use MySpace, YUWIE, Friendster, YouTube and Facebook accounts as a basis for hiring or firing employees? What about Webkinz, Club Penguin and other online communities? Are your online activities public or private?

Do You Have a MySpace, Facebook, Yuwie or YouTube Account?

Myspace, Facebook, Yuwie, YouTube, and similar sites are open to public viewing. Anyone who wishes to set up an account (usually for free) can quickly access millions of individual profile pages.

Individuals post graphics, photos, videos, music and even written material for other users to view and hear. Most members display their friends' thumbnail photos, as active links to their friends' profile pages. Many also allow friends' and visitors' comments to appear on their own profile pages as well.

Click here to find out what this means, just in case any question still exists.

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