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It's a Wild Ride: A Poetic Tribute to the Rodeo Cowboy

What is it like, to be a rodeo cowboy? Imagine the dust kicking up all around you, the crowd hollering for your courage and strength, the bronco leaping and bucking beneath you. Take a look, through this adventurous rhymed story.

It's A Wild Ride
A Poetic Tribute to the Rodeo Cowboy

He combs his hair and snaps his shirt;
The yoke will soon be caked in dirt.
He dons his Stetson, bushy-browed,
And saunters out to meet the crowd.

His Wranglers crease to fit his form;
His bronco kicks up quite a storm.
Pitched left and right, he holds the band
And raises high his other hand.

"Dear Father, just eight seconds more,"
He whispers, amid tug-of-war.
"Preserve me now from sudden death,"
He mutters, underneath his breath.

Want to read the rest of the story? Click here to read "It's a Wild Ride."

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