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Swimwear Is Life

Midwinter days are upon us, sending plenty of folks packing and heading for warmer climes. As retailers market cruise apparel and vacation fashions, one can only wonder about the significance of swimwear in our ever-changing lives.

Swimwear Is Life -
A Rhymed Retort to Suits We Sport

First toddling with a padded seat
To catch the items we excrete,
We graduate to ruffled skirts,
As we delight in sand and dirt.

'Ere long, we pick a racer-back
Of quick-dry nylon, off-the-rack.
Our bodies change, still teeny-weeny,
And we select a sweet bikini.

Between our teens, we catch their eyes
In lycra maillots, cut thigh-high.
By twenty-five, we grow more modest,
Choosing suits with tailored bodice.

Ten years later, spandex slims;
We tan in suits that never swim.
'Till middle age and gravity
Attack us with depravity.

That's not the whole story! Want to read more? Click here to read the entire poem, "Swimwear Is Life - A Rhymed Retort to Suits We Sport." Or click here to subscribe to this author's content, so you won't miss a single post.

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