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Ask Sue Veneer

Ask Sue Veneer
(posted for NaPoWriMo - National Poetry Writing Month)

When Trash and Trinkets Become Treasures

Tomorrow, the world will look to London for the much-anticipated royal wedding, when Kate Middleton will marry her own Prince Charming, William of Wales. In the meantime, opportunists are seizing the chance to score a few bucks with mementos of every sort.

Got any questions?

Ask Sue Veneer

The carpet of red is in place,
With grins marking every face.
Outside, hawkers vend
And try to pretend
Their merchandise dares not disgrace.

From china to condoms and more,
The marketing mavens may roar.
Hot tea bags, fake jewels
And paper doll fools
May mimic the wedding top drawer.

Perhaps we have little to fear
From  matchbooks and mugs for foamed beer,
For Will and his Kate
Are merely the bait
Of tackiness from Sue Veneer.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson


  1. Yes, you know you're important when people drink their tea while looking at your face on their mug.

  2. What a great poem!
    With a great point well made.

  3. This makes me smile. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge.
    Langley Writes about Writing



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