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Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise! Surprise!
(posted for NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month)

File:Eichhörnchen Düsseldorf Hofgarten edit.jpg

Surprise! Surprise!
An Acrostic in Rhyme

Some squirrels may be wiser than gents,
Untempted to toss their two cents –
Refusing to bend others’ ears
Pretending, denying their fears.
Ridiculous as it may sound,
I wonder, when no one’s around:
Since squirrels scurry fast out of sight,
Each girl may find squirrels more polite.

So what is surprising in that,
Unless we consider a chat?
Respect most resistant may flee,
Perhaps like a squirrel up a tree.
Reminders send tails in the air;
I wonder if folks even care.
So sudden may scurriers race,
Eluding maturity’s face.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson
Red Squirrel
Photo by Red Eye
Creative Commons Licensing

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