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Maybe Mercy Mends a Mess

Maybe Mercy Mends a Mess  
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

Happy Birthday, Al Green!

The Reverend Al Green, American R and B, soul and gospel singer and songwriter, was born on April 13, 1946. Al Green 's most popular songs include "Let's Stay Together" (see below). 

What happens when a friendship is fractured? What is the remedy that leads to reconciliation?

M is for Maybe, Mercy, Mends and Mess.

Maybe Mercy Mends a Mess
(An Acrostic Limerick)

Maybe we might mend this mess.
After all, we’re bound to bless.
Yes, we’re wrong,
But we belong.
Each madness may our bond impress.

Maligning may make mercy steep –
Each pain and grievance that we keep.
Rescue waits
Calls back the fates.
Yet fine forgiveness ne’er comes cheap.

c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Friendship by Bobi Bobi
Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. I love reading those but cannot write them to save my life. You have a great talent for it and for making it appear effortless.

    Stopping by from the challenge

  2. Happy Birthday Al Green! How can you mend a broken heart, indeed. Clever, clever limerick - maybe they can manage to mend it.

  3. I just played this song for my four year old last night for the first time!

    She loved it!




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