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Perils of Plagiarizing Pirates

Perils of Plagiarizing Pirates
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

 P is for Perils, Plagiarism and Pirates.

Not a week goes by without Google and other search engines sending me alerts of copyright infringers reprinting my own original published content without permission. 

Plagiarism is illegal! Copyright infringement is against the law.

Often, writers like me are willing to offer reprint rights for a fee with advance permission. However, copy pirates seem to persist in posting items without obtaining legal license.


Perils of Plagiarizing Pirates

Ahoy there, ye buckos and crooks.
Avast, steal ye not from me books.
Heave ho the doubloons
And hornswaggled tunes.
Me titles let go from ye hooks.

Aye, pillaging leaves me chagrinned,
By copy infringing ye’ve sinned.
A shot ‘cross the bow
I’m sending ye now.
Before you’re three sheets to the wind.

Ye scallywag shark-bait, yo-ho!
Create your own copy, or row.
Leave my treasures be,
So savvy, and flee.
To copyright’s plank ye may go.
Clip-Art ETC
Public Domain Artwork

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1 comment:

  1. Good one. And a fine response to a very annoying problem.



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