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No Victim of Violence

V is for Victim and Violence.

Today is Good Friday, a high holy day in Christendom.

On this occasion, Christians everywhere fast and pray and ponder the sacrifice of the Savior. People puzzle over why this day is called “good,” but it must be so. Without the sorrow of Good Friday and the redeeming death of the Messiah, the joy of His resurrection would not have happened.

The violence of Good Friday made possible the victory of Easter.

No Victim of Violence

The mightiest martyr of all,
The firstborn of Heaven stood tall.
He bent to submit,
Refusing to quit,
And answered His Father’s high call.

An unsanded cross tore His back.
The hammer was raised to attack.
He sighed, and He prayed.
And humbly, He paid.
The soldiers were taken aback.

What manner of man could this be,
Who willingly died on that tree?
Expiring, He gasped.
“Forgive them,” He rasped,
And bowed to the final decree.

The sky next exploded with force,
As history changed its due course.
His death, though a crime,
Would not hold in time,
As Jesus returned to the Source.

No victim of violence there,
But triumphant Warrior fair.
The tomb would not hold
A power so bold.
Let evil be warned and beware. 
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(posted for the A to Z Challenge)
Crucifixion of Christ
by Fyodor Bronnikov

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  1. Linda, your poetry is amazing. This is fantastic!

  2. Loved that poem. My daughter and I started to watch the movie (can't remember the name) that showed the Crucifixion. What Jesus went through was so painful to watch on the screen that we couldn't stand it anymore. We both sat there in tears. I can't imagine the mindset of people who can watch that kind of torture – in person – and not be forever affected by it. That so many bystanders WATCHED his pain was loathsome.



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