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Idols and Icons

Idols and Icons
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

I is for Idols and Icons.

Has America gone “Idol” crazy? Fox TV’s “American Idol” is midway through its 10th season. Are you a fan? Do you tape or Tivo the episodes you miss?

Icons are not just for the internet.

Today’s A to Z Challenge post pertains to idols and icons. What’s the difference?

An idol is anything that is worshiped or adored. An icon is an object, usually a piece of art, that is intended to reflect an idol.

Here’s a cinquain poem on this idealistic, ideosyncratic or iconoclastic idea.

Idols and Icons

Ideal images
Instantly invite eyes
Images impressed into ink
Icon of St. George and the Dragon
from St. Petersburg Museum
Public Domain – copyright expired

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  1. Nice answer your question. I used to watch American Idol and I enjoyed it very much. Then I realized what a huge time suck it was and have since stopped. I do like hearing about it and I admit I have watched a couple of episodes this season to see how the new judges are.

  2. I haven't watched American Idol regularly since Reuben won. At some point, I realized that the best singer doesn't always win. That's a little disheartening. It's a singing competition and the best singer should win.

  3. I haven't watched because Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell and their interactions meant everything for the show. I haven't seen any of this season's shows. Bring back Paula!

  4. I'm not a fan of American Idol. Reality TV isn't my thing. I want escapism pure and simple when I watch TV!

  5. I love St. George, he is always on a white horse and I visited THE FIRST PLACE he made entry...Cappadoccia, Turkey. The Christian frescoes on the chimney churches.

  6. I've never watched A. I. But have heard a lot about it.

    Enjoyed your cinquain and will follow you.

  7. Hi. Thanks for your visit and comment. I'm out of the challenge, actually, but this post today seems to have caught up with the alphabet. Way too much pressure for me.
    American Idol is an on and off show for me.

  8. Thank you for this post! I grew up in a Protestant church, so it took me a while to figure out that icons and idols are very different. Now I enjoy icons very much; I'm glad you wrote about them! I found you through the A to Z Challenge - I'm enjoying your blog!

  9. I've seen only a few episodes of American Idol this season. I kind of like the early episodes each year, with all of the hopefuls still in the running. And while I know that true talent must prevail, I can't help having a soft spot for the underdogs. I admire the willingness that they have to put themselves out there in the hopes of fulfilling their dreams.

    My “I” post is here:



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