Advice on ice

Advice on ice

A gal who was free with advice
Would carp not just once, twice or thrice.
She’d bend folded ears,
Bark orders and fears,
Eliciting only “No dice.”

Her content was solid and true,
But none saw her pure point of view.
She knew not her place,
Nor how to save face,
As ever her own horn she blew.

Ere long, she encountered the price
Of failing to be more concise.
For flipping her lip,
She earned a pink slip,
At last left to her own device.

The boss called her out on the spot:
“I’ve given you more than one shot.
My staff is unhinged.
Their rights you’ve impinged.
I’m sorry. Dear Abby you’re not.”

Her fairy tale ending curtailed,
By bellowing upstream, derailed.
For things left unsaid
May not be misread.
She withered and wallowed and wailed.
c2014 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This limerick incorporates these blog prompts:

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