Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise! Surprise!
(posted for NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month)

Surprise! Surprise!
An Acrostic in Rhyme

Some squirrels may be wiser than gents,
Untempted to toss their two cents –
Refusing to bend others’ ears
Pretending, denying their fears.
Ridiculous as it may sound,
I wonder, when no one’s around:
Since squirrels scurry fast out of sight,
Each girl may find squirrels more polite.

So what is surprising in that,
Unless we consider a chat?
Respect most resistant may flee,
Perhaps like a squirrel up a tree.
Reminders send tails in the air;
I wonder if folks even care.
So sudden may scurriers race,
Eluding maturity’s face.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson 
File:Eichhörnchen Düsseldorf Hofgarten edit.jpg
Red Squirrel
Photo by Red Eye
Creative Commons Licensing

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Ask Sue Veneer

Ask Sue Veneer
(posted for NaPoWriMo - National Poetry Writing Month)

When Trash and Trinkets Become Treasures

Tomorrow, the world will look to London for the much-anticipated royal wedding, when Kate Middleton will marry her own Prince Charming, William of Wales. In the meantime, opportunists are seizing the chance to score a few bucks with mementos of every sort.

Got any questions?

Ask Sue Veneer

The carpet of red is in place,
With grins marking every face.
Outside, hawkers vend
And try to pretend
Their merchandise dares not disgrace.

From china to condoms and more,
The marketing mavens may roar.
Hot tea bags, fake jewels
And paper doll fools
May mimic the wedding top drawer.

Perhaps we have little to fear
From  matchbooks and mugs for foamed beer,
For Will and his Kate
Are merely the bait
Of tackiness from Sue Veneer.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson


Zillion Zigzags

Zillion Zigzags
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

Z is for Zillion … and Zigzags.

A Zillion Zigzags

Zipping and zooming,
Every signal sends us off,
Soul-borne GPS.

Who will call us home?
What magnetic pole directs,
If the arrow fails?

Footfalls may deceive,
A zillion zigzags mark time.
Destination waits.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Gyro Compass
By Hannes Grobe
Creative Commons Licensing

Note: Like a haiku, a senryu contains three lines with a set syllabic pattern (5-7-5). The main difference is thematic. The haiku examines nature and universal truth, while the senryu focuses on foibles of mankind and often irony. Many people use the terms interchangeably, but poetic purists mark the difference between the two verse forms.


Yea or Nay

Y is for … Yea … Yoke ... Yell ... and Yesterday.

Yea or Nay

A filly who loved a good fight
Got hitched to a heel just for spite.
But that heavy yoke
Was never a joke,
So maybe her family was right.

He’d bicker and bellow and bray,
With never a sure “Yea” or “Nay.”
Unbridled, he kicked;
He pecked and he picked
And drove everybody away.

She wrestled with worries for years
And bathed in her barrels of tears.
Till one day she bucked,
Then packed up and trucked
And left with her laugh in his ears.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Heavy Load
Public Domain Artwork

(posted for the A to Z Challenge and a limerick prompt from Mad Kane Humor)

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Extolling Exhaustless Extravagance

Extolling Exhaustless Extravagance
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

X is for … Extolling Exhaustless Extravagance

  Extra! Extra! 
Read all about it. Jesus is alive!

Exceeding and Completing

No heavy stone could hold him long,
Nor grave clothes bind the Savior’s song.
Three days in doom,
Sealed in a tomb,
He waited, righting every wrong.

The earth exploded overnight,
The mount, it shook with Heaven’s light.
The rock was rolled,
And truth was told,
As Jesus lived, and ills took flight.
Redemption won, He stood again,
To resurrect the souls of men.
His promise kept,
Disciples wept
As angels echoed the “Amen.”

Our Lord has risen, once for all,
The heavens echo with His call.
Come see; He stands.
Touch nail-scarred hands,
And in His mercy fairly fall.

Rejoice! The King now reigns on high.
His love awaits all that apply.
Bow knee; raise hand
In every land,
Where open ears may hear His cry.

He Is Risen!
Public Domain Clip-art


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Wee Words on Writing

Wee Words on Writing
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

W is for Words … and Writing.

Wee Words on Writing

Well, I love to write.
I long to write well.
So I wallow in words,
And I wait.
And I watch.
Writing willfully,
Often fitfully.
Working ways with words,
Wrestling with images
Until wonders whirl.
When will I write well?

De Quoi Ecrire
by Hermann Fenner-Behmer
Early 20th Century
Public Domain – Copyright Expired

What makes writing inviting? When is a reader really reading? "Good writing evolves like a dance, As well-crafted phrasings do prance; With penmanship fine, A skillful design, And meanings beyond the first glance....."

Dear Editor: About that rhyme; I think I need a bit more time. It's not a writer's block I face, I'm concepting at warp-speed pace. A hardware glitch has got me beat; I'm squirming in my writing seat.

As a writer, where can you find a brand-new story idea? How can you come up with fresh and unexplored subjects? Here are several steps you can take to open up possibilities and perhaps spawn new creative thinking.

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