Reset in Motion

Friends sharing food can leave us renewed.

Reset in Motion

My girls and I just broke some bread.
I’ll share no secrets that were said,
Except to say
Without delay,
We’re mostly glad the past is dead.

We choose the chance to chill and chug,
To raise a glass and lift a mug.
No time for fools,
Such friends are jewels.
We cry and crow and simply shrug.

To look at loves and labors lost,
To try each truth and count the cost,
We for a song
Do come along
To clear our chests at any cost.

Still, must we count the years a bust,
If by the trip we’ve learned to trust?
Each painful stroll
And shifty soul
Once thus examined, blows as dust.

In voices raspy, whispered woes
As errant chords do decompose.
Sweet music drifts.
Each spirit lifts.
And troubles fly where Heaven-knows.
c2017 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Vintage/public domain photo

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:
ABC Wednesday: “music”
Mad Kane Humor: “bust,” “bussed,” or “robust” (LIMERICK)
Meme Express: “for a song”
One Liner Wednesday: See subtitle.
Simply Snickers: “chance,” “chill,” and “chug”
Three Word Wednesday: “painful,” “raspy,” and “shifty”
Thursday Challenge: “motion”


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  1. Where would we be without friends and loved ones.

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. Hi there,
    you certainly write some delightful poetry,
    thank you sharing it with us.
    As you may, or not know, that you are mean't to pick
    a subject matter beginning with chosen letter
    of each week, as we progress in ABCW starting from A--Z.
    AS I read through your writing I couldn't find a
    particular subject beginning with the letter 'I'.
    please correct me if I'm wrong,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. Now I see what happened. I went for "M" (as in motion and music), linking to ABC Wednesday's "I Love Music" post. I supposed it was M-Day, not I-Day. ;-)

    2. Hi Linda,
      I see what has happened now, easy misunderstanding!
      I feel a bit of a meanie and I love your prose, maybe,
      if you wish, you could re-post your delightful poem when we get to the letter 'M'.
      Another little tip, if you post your contribution after 4pm on the Tuesday of the week your contribution is more than likely to be read by many more ABCW-ers than if you post it later in the week, I notice that, say, after Friday most are preparing their contributions for the following week and tend to overlook the late contributors, which is a shame, particularly because your writing is so good.
      Best wishes,
      ABCW team.
      PS. I have left a further reply to your comment on my site.

  3. Ah to be able to weave images and ideas as you have in a poem. Thank you!

  4. As errant chords do decompose.
    Sweet music drifts.

    When things don't work out right good things may not mean much by then! Wonderful lines Linda!


  5. aw so beautiful old friends getting together