Horse Kisses

Here’s a little holiday horsey fun – and even a Christmas season caution – for lovers of all things equine.
 Horse Kisses
A Holiday Chime with Warning in Rhyme

At Christmas, we deck out the hall,
Adorning the door of each stall
With ribbons and bows
And stockings – who knows?
Maybe Santa will pay us a call.

We treasure each equine anew –
Feed candy canes, gingerbread too.
We plant one more peck
On each horsey neck,
Then bundle for nightly adieu.

Still, Christmas time bids us take care.
Of one decoration, beware.
A vet call for sure,
With nary a cure.
Oklahoma’s state flower’s unfair.

So nuzzle that sweet Thoroughbred.
And kiss his adorable head.
But mistletoe’s deadly,
So sing him a medley.
And give him an apple instead.

c2013 by Linda Ann Nickerson

NOTE: The mistletoe was Oklahoma's official state flower until 2004, when it became the state floral emblem. A 2004 bill, signed by Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry, the Oklahoma tea rose became the state flower at that time. But the gist remains the same. 

Horse Head with Bells
Vintage/public domain

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