Dog on the Job Day

Dog on the Job Day

Today was Take Your Dog to Work Day, which falls on the first Friday after Father’s Day every year.

Did you take your pet to your workplace? How did that go over with your employer?

To honor this fine canine celebration with dogged determination, here’s a hired-hound holiday limerick.

Doggedly Downsized

Today I was not overjoyed.
My pooch filled my office chair void.
Till, finally, cross,
I showed him who’s boss,
Because I am still self-employed.

My oversized lapdog gave pause,
Evicted without true just cause.
Then sadly he crept
To sunspot and slept,
Accepting his own escape clause.

For who takes a doggy to work,
Unless pet protection’s a perk?
Still, working at home,
I’m never alone
As my canine colleague may lurk.

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Bloomin’ Mad

Bloomin’ Mad

Man’s best friends, our dog and cat,
Can stomp a garden in nothing flat.
How can we chase our pets away
To let our flowers grow and sway?

The cat will scratch; the dog’s a digger.
My lilies won’t grow any bigger.
What can I do about these pests,
Who think my garden is their nest?
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Public domain image
NOTE: I wrote these lines many years ago in a pique of frustration, having found my most magnificent blooms decapitated in my garden one summer afternoon. What gardener has not sensed the same upon finding beloved blossoms lost in their prime?

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