Finding Composure

Posted in response to a One Single Impression prompt on “melody,” a Saturday Free-for-All prompt on “You rearrange me till I’m sane,” a Sunday Scribblings prompt on “happy ending” and a Monday Mural image (left).

“All my longings lie open before You, O Lord;
My sighing is not hidden from You.
I wait for You, O LORD;
You will answer, O Lord my God.
Come quickly to help me,
O Lord, my Savior.”
(Psalm 38:9, 15, and 22, NIV)

Finding Composure-
Seeking Remission from Decomposition

A single chair folds with a creak,
As audiences sit and peek.
The violins are tuned and set.
We’ve come to focus and forget.

The maestro lifts his graceful wand
To carry ears to realms beyond.
The happy end, for which we thirst
May never be too much rehearsed.

I’ve sown too many wild oats
‘Mid tattered sheets of written notes.
The melody that hides beneath
Is difficult to share, bequeath.

I clutch the bow and grasp the frets,
With buried bountiful regrets.
The composition fairly sings
Of ragged memories, broken strings.

A single sheet in any key
Will never offer guarantee.
For music does require a muse,
Your inspiration to infuse.

The masterpiece, it must found
To resurrect a lovely sound.
The truth is ever painful, plain,
“You rearrange me till I’m sane.”

Author’s Note:

“You rearrange me till I’m sane” is a single lyric from “Brain Damage,” a song from Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, On the Dark Side of the Moon.


  1. Perfect. I enjoyed this and especially appreciate your build up to the Pink Floyd line. Thanks, Linda!
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  2. This was a very interesting and powerful work.

    On a lighter note...woohoo!!! Pink Floyd, one of my fav groups as a teenager.

  3. I'm very impressed at how you combined all these promts. Excellent poem! WOW

  4. This is a great poem. Love the way you wove that Pink Floyd line into this piece. Keep up the good work. Have a nice night.

  5. "The composition fairly sings
    Of ragged memories, broken strings."

    Especially nice line.

  6. You rearrange me till I'm sane...? Don't know if that's possible, but I love the imagey in this poem and the analogies. Is there Remission from Decomposition? Or are we raised anew? Keep on pondering and writing. Well done.

  7. Lovely response to the prompt... and I do love that Pink Floyd line.

  8. Another wonderful poem! You so effortlessly wove all those prompts together, I am so impressed. And I love how you used the Pink Floyd line that I posted. Thanks for participating in Jane's Inspirations!


  9. beautifully crafted piece!!!

  10. Very nice use of metaphor! I admire the way you managed to satisfy all the prompts.

  11. This is just gorgeous! I doubt I've ever listened to Pink Floyd, but the line is very appealing!

  12. finding composure... beautiful psalm that answers everything... just what i needed.. amen... pink floyd.. till i drop.. often, i need rearranging just to be sure what i have in my closet.. beautiful post to the prompts!!

  13. ..thanks for a well thought out poem..

  14. I very much enjoyed your poem, Linda.