Loop de Loop

(For a Simply Snickers prompt on “roller” and “coaster”)

Loop de Loop –
A Rhyming Glide on a Super Ride

I love to ride the Loop de Loop,
Although it makes my tummy droop.
I can’t resist
Each turn and twist,
And how it turns my brain to soup.

The roller coaster makes me think,
As suddenly, we turn and sink.
Then up we fly
Into the sky,
And zip around, right on the brink.

My life can be a thrilling ride.
I’ll reach up high, then slip and slide.
From mountaintops
To sudden stops,
I’ll grip the bar and gasp, wide-eyed.

Yet, in the station, standing still,
Life may seem dull or run-of-mill.
The engine roar
Calls me for more
And so I go, with my free will.

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  1. Very cool poem! I like your rhymes also. I don't write much poetry that doesn't rhyme. I'm just not as good at the other kind.

  2. Whew! I haven't had such a good time on one of those since... oh wait, that was just words? Was there the whole time Linda - love the way you use those words! :)

  3. Brilliant...
    I felt like I was actually on the ride myself...
    I like the way you rhyme your poetry, this is how I write mine also... ;-D