Practically Furniture

(For a Mad Kane “furniture” prompt and a One Single Impression “pet” prompt)

Practically Furniture –
A Limericked Fete on a Favorite Pet

Our sweet retriever, we concur,
Is practically furniture.
In rays of sun,
She comes undone,
And ever sleeps without a stir.

Her golden tumbleweeds roll by,
Beneath the sofa multiply,
Without a care,
She lounges there,
Until a shadow makes her cry.

At such, she jumps to full alert,
And barks her head off, as if hurt,
If wind should blow
Or folks tiptoe,
For now her hearing does desert.

A wary watchdog, she is not.
Protective skills she has forgot.
But she can yelp
And cry for help,
And raise a ruckus all for naught.

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  1. I like this. I like the doggie tumbleweeds under the sofa, too! I can relate to that. This is lovely and fun. Thanks.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  2. Your poem is too cute! I have a great big rottweiler and he spends more time on the sofa then we do.

    I have written a senryu and posted it at my place:

  3. I loved this, I love the idea of dogs being furniture~ as my dog often offers himself as a pillow for me to rest upon.

  4. This was so sweet Linda! LOVE the kitty and doggie photo at the end. My kind of great friendship. Well done.

  5. that's fun - I'd never thought of our rabbit as furniture..., possibly a cushion...

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