Ascending Acrostics Again

Ascending Acrostics Again

Posted in response to prompts from Acrostic Only. (Nickers and Ink has been honored with a handful of First Place awards and several Honorable Mentions from Acrostic Only, as well as the July 2009 Acrostic Poet of the Month award. You can find these awards in the sidebar at Nickers and Ink.)


Convening cheerfully,

Everyone is exuberant.

Look all around.

Entertainment and excellent eats

Beckon us to indulge.

Relationships are reborn

And acquaintances are established.

Time travels too quickly.

Instants escape us.

Overdue outlooks elapse.

No wonder we lose touch.



Skipping sense, 

Conflicts are created. 

How does it happen? 

Individualities emerge. 

Semantics and specifics supplant 

Mercy’s good measure.


Setting spirit and soul aside,

Entertainment intervenes.

Now trumps not yet.

Sensations replace sense,

Utter pleasure the goal.

Anyone can see

Liberty equals not license.

In an instant,

Total fantasy

Yields far less than we expected.


Magnum Opus

Magnificent masterpiece.

Audiences applaud. Greatness glistens, 

Needing no introduction. 

Understanding appears with Mastery.

Only the most gifted 

Perceive life purely, 

Unless true artistry 

Sets seekers to see it too.


To Be or Not to Be

Try to tell

Outright untruths.

Before long,

Everything is revealed.

Only in living may

Recognition return.

No one may know

Our own souls by

Trying to tease the truth.

Try to tell

Outright untruths.

Before long,

Everything is fulfilled.



Flawed forms fail

Under purposeless existence.

Tell me why you breathe,

Imitating idealism for nothing. No!

Linger in love that lasts.

Eternity counts for everything.


Where are we?

I imagined such a place,

Long ago.

Did we depart for a distance?

Everything seems eerie, though

Relics remain.

Never did we need

Escape from the everyday.

Somehow, sanity stays

Safely ensconced, since we skipped her step.


Not My Cup of Tea

No more for me, thanks.

Only one cup.

Testing new tastes is tricky.

Maybe next time

You can try my tastes.

Cups may overflow

Unless we endure

Periodic possibilities.

Outside our own choices

Favorites may flourish.

Till we sample

Every epicurean ideal,

Anyone may avoid a treasure.


Broken Verses



Objects of nil.

Killing time and

Erasing lines of

Needless nouns.

Vibrant verses


Replaced by

Silly sentences and

Empty phrasings.

Stop a while, Muse.



Please! Please! Please!

Enthusiasm entreats.

Resolution rebels.

Stop and submit.

Underlings are all others.

All he asks is

Simple accord,


Only his way.

No others matter.


How Great Thou Art

Heavenly Father,

Omnipotent One,

We worship You.

Glorious God,

Righteous Ruler,

Eternal Father,

All creation bows

To honor You.

Triumphant and true,

Holy and honored,

Only You are worthy,

Up above all.

Almighty and


To You we sing.

All poems c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Honest to Bod

What can you do, if a coworker refuses to bathe? Why not have a summertime party and solve the issue with a bit of fun?

Frank Stank –
Limericked Verse for a Stench That’s Worse

A very strange fellow named Frank
Was rank. To be honest, Frank stank.
From his stinky shirt
Pandemic alert
Sent colleagues to plot out a prank.

Intending to be less than cruel,
They partied beside a fresh pool –
As quick as a wink,
Tossed Frank in the drink.
And his odor failed to refuel.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“pandemic)
Friday Flash-55 (55 words)
Mad Kane (limerick: “A very strange fellow named Frank”)
Totally Optional Prompts (“spontaneity” or “planning”)

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Ascending Acrostics

Ascending Acrostics

Posted in response to prompts from Acrostic Only (July 11th prompt). (Nickers and Ink has been honored with a handful of First Place awards and several Honorable Mentions from Acrostic Only. You can find these awards in the sidebar at Nickers and Ink.)


Kindness from above

Is ideal and 

Sweetly sparkling, as 

Sunshine simply 


New brightness and 

Glow on my cheeks. 



How is it possible that 

Understanding evades us? 

Mankind is 

Always seeming to 

Need more

 Information, but 

Totally missing 

Your point? 


Noodles (and Noggins)

Noodles may seem 

Only wiggly and 

Obviously fragile.

Delightful and delectable. 

Look, however. 

Every man who uses his own is 

Smarter than he who does not.

"Chasing Rainbows" also responds to a prompt at

Simply Snickers (“fair,” “field” and “fragile”).

Chasing Rainbows

Calling from a field of blue, 

Heaven’s ribbons 

Align above. 

Shining fairly 

In a fragile light, 

Naming a promise of storm’s end. 

Glimpses of glory are revealed. 


Reigning unquestioned, 

Almighty paints 

His wonders 

In the firmament. 

Now we know 

Benevolence exists 

Over all. 

What beauty 

Still remains.


Inhaling the Sea

Into the surf we splash,

Never noticing

How strong the undertow may be.

All of a sudden,

Licentious lore

Is uplifted beneath our toes.

Now we are tossed,

Gulping briny breaths.

Time stops.

Hungry for air, we

Emerge at last.

Stronger than we knew,

Every wave now inspires

Awe and new respect.



Hollow hogwash, 

Only prattle, 

Gibberish and giddiness - 

Why do we bother? 

Absurdity amuses, 

So we scrawl scribbles of 

Hooey and hot air – capturing clarity. 


Weeping Willows

Weighing in,

Every ramification

Expresses emotion.

Perhaps postulating on

Inspiration, but


Giving all to gravity.

Weeping willows

Initiate introspection.

Look how we long for

Lighter loads,

Only we never see

Why weighty works

Seem to grow us.


One Foot in the Grave

Outstanding orders

Never negate

Eternity’s call.

Final footsteps

Only lead


To the unseen.


Never know.

Temporality triumphs.

Holiness hollers for

Eternity’s entrance.

Go for glory.

Resurrection is reserved,

As Almighty addresses with

Vicarious virtue,

Enlisting those who attend.



Meekness is might,

Empowered by purpose.

Daily deliverance

Is found in

Time spent in solace.

Attention is restored, and

Tranquility returned.

Inspiration is enlightened

Only in moments with

No interruptions.



Umbrellas unseen

Never cast shadows,

Folding freely and

Opening over

Reminiscences and reveries.

Glorious gifts,

Every one.

Times treasured and

Troves of truth

Always are illuminated

Because their brightness

Leaves vestiges of value


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