Honest to Bod

What can you do, if a coworker refuses to bathe? Why not have a summertime party and solve the issue with a bit of fun?

Frank Stank –
Limericked Verse for a Stench That’s Worse

A very strange fellow named Frank
Was rank. To be honest, Frank stank.
From his stinky shirt
Pandemic alert
Sent colleagues to plot out a prank.

Intending to be less than cruel,
They partied beside a fresh pool –
As quick as a wink,
Tossed Frank in the drink.
And his stench, it started to shrink.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“pandemic)
Friday Flash-55 (55 words)
Mad Kane (limerick: “A very strange fellow named Frank”)
Totally Optional Prompts (“spontaneity” or “planning”)

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  1. Laughing. Whatever works! Glad it wasn't my pool he was pushed into! Fun piece.

  2. Did the Ph level of the pool change drastically? hehehehe
    Excellent 55 Linda!!
    Better late than NEVER...
    Thanks for the heads-up, thanks for playing, and enjoy the rest of the Week-End....G