Mind Draft – Going Against My Grain

Mind Draft –
Going Against My Grain

My head is agonizing. Stop.
Oh, cerebellum’s poised to pop.
Both ears exceedingly do toll,
As spasms rack me scalp to sole.

Relief does dally, tempt, and taunt –
A million menaces me haunt.
But brain’s bane blast bids me beyond
Where misery brings bolder bond.

I dare not trust my own two eyes,
A-blinded by such compromise.
Lo, cold is hot, and heat is chill,
As nothing aims to fit the bill.

I pray for death and wait to stand,
To gain my ground and upper hand.
Elusive comfort spins the clock,
And my mortality may mock.

What wonders whirl for blessed souls
Who walk without such fiery coals?
What gems appear when swells shall cease?
I’ll carry them in every crease.
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Public Domain Photo

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