Of Mice and Mien – A poetic glance, perhaps askance

Of Mice and Mien – 
A poetic glance, perhaps askance  

 If your life story was a book, what would it be titled? What would its chapter titles be? 
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Of Mice and Mien

A hunk of cheese a mouse may catch,
Enticing him beyond his match.
Reward’s allure
May him assure
To meet the one who’ll him dispatch.

A gifted gamer, most intense
With interest in his own two cents
Might toss a chip,
Shoot from the hip,
To banish common sense from thence.

An easy mark with meek mien,
The jackpot seeker goes all-in.
He eyes the prize
With bleary eyes.
The trap is set in danger’s den.

Across the table, truth awaits
And watches folly, sans debates.
He holds his peace
With elbow grease,
The mouse to snare with fortune’s baits.

Occasionally, treasures rot
Like rich rewards intense, hard-fought.
A jumping joint
May disappoint
And bring a fouler food for thought.

The cheese ferments and casts a scent.
The mousey man, alas, poor gent --
The die was cast
To flabbergast,
And he must yet come up with rent.
c2014 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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