Rot off the press – Limericked views on breaking news


The news is extra, you can bet.

Its fiction casts a wider net.

Of facts, off-base,

No track or trace –

Let’s give those folks a statuette.


Behind the scenes, they access gain.

They pick and peck past their domain.

Don’t blink. Press print.

Oh, no. You didn’t.

Our hearts are torn; they pour champagne.


As readers, viewers, they hoodwink.

They tap their keys; they nod and wink

To grab the scoop

And loop-de-loop.

The story’s never what we think.

c2023 by Linda Ann Nickerson


This poem was posted in response to these prompts:


Image: “Extra! Extra!” from The Graphics Fairy / vintage / public domain


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  1. I love this. I will look at some of your other work - I do like your illustrations too. Thank you. Dawn FMF #28

  2. There's fake news all 'round the place,
    what they want you to believe,
    and it takes an act of grace
    to not surrender, and not grieve
    the second fall that we are in
    which gives a certain primacy
    to honouring of deadly sin
    that's after all, our history.
    The Romans crucified for sport
    Christian men and Christian ladies,
    and we're now told we should abort
    living but unwanted babies,
    and thus I I have no other choice
    but speaking with a canceled voice.

  3. Made to meddle with Miss Information,
    Paid to peddle the disinformation.

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