Snarly Parley: Giving content pirates the heave-ho

Snarly Parley: Giving content pirates the heave-ho

My hair stands up. I am perturbed.
My slumber, it has been disturbed.
My patience crumbles, comes unhinged,
As copyrights have been infringed.

For pirates sail through cyberspace,
Reprinting content out of place.
As scallywags upon the main,
These underhanded ones seek gain.

Vindictive, devious, and tart,
 Such bandits stumble to impart.
No guilt they feel, as they encroach.
Perhaps they need some stiff reproach.

This practice, dangerous and vile,
Beyond the pale by country mile,
Breeds shady sorts of charlatans,
Who raid the rights of artisans.

No thanks to them, I trace each trope,
As they traverse the slipp’ry slope.
The lines they lift leave me distressed,
As gems purloined from treasure chest.

Methinks it’s time their piracy
Slipped off into retiracy.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:
Meme Express: “no thanks”
One-Word Wednesday: “dangerous”
Simply Snickers: “shady,” “slippery,” and “some”
Three Word Wednesday: “tart,” “underhanded,” and “vindictive”
Tuesday at Ten: “feel”

Vintage/public domain image.

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