Brash Landing: Taking It on the Chagrin

Brash Landing: 
Taking It on the Chagrin

A fella might indulge to gloat,
Had he not fumbled, missed the boat.
The stormy stars
Hummed higher bars
And reckoned his repute remote.

He dreamt his days till time was spent
To donate past his heart’s content.
Thus, sobered he
Did disagree
To ne’er evolve by shared consent.

Umbrella up, he stepped aloft.
He caught a draft and quickly coughed.
The gate was wide,
He slipped inside
To flip and flop for landing soft.

Then, lo, with chill he stopped to peer.
At last, his glance became sincere.
He could not bear
The open air,
Bravado dashed by starkest fear.

c2014 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This post responds to these blog prompts:

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Photo courtesy of Magpie Tales