Happy Easter 2010 from Nickers and Ink

Happy Easter 2010 from Nickers and Ink

Happy Easter! 

He is risen.

(He is risen indeed.) 

What a wonderful celebration - the hallmark of the year for Christians.

Without Easter, the rest of the year really means very little. After all, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ - His glorious triumph over death.

What a miracle. What a man. What a God. What a wonder.

Happy Easter!


Don’t Knock It

Don’t Knock It

 Who's that knocking at my door . . . both now and forevermore?

Sleep Stalking

What guides the unexpected guest.
Disturbing muse, upending nest?
No wish untold,
Nor egg of gold
May satisfy his bold behest.

The paradox of all my days
Erupts in slumber’s entry phase –
When wispy sight
In dusk delight
Does captivate my gawking gaze.

For though he may on rest intrude
And trample softest solitude,
Persistent still,
He raps until
The truth may topple attitude.

For all he asks is all I own,
Which measures nothing to atone.
With empty palms
And hollow alms,
May I belong to him alone.

c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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Splitting Cares

Splitting Cares

Complete Retreat
A Limericked Gaze on One of Those Days

A woman whose hair was quite grey
Was having a monstrous bad day.
With aches toe to head,
She took to her bed,
As others far from her did stay.

Though most days, her temper’s serene,
Occasionally, she is mean.
So from the first moan,
They leave her alone,
But ply her with massive caffeine.

c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

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Harikalar Diyari 
Wolf Grandma
Photographed by Nevit Dilmen
GNY Free Documentation License
Wikipedia Commons


A Look at the Book

A Look at the Book

Folio Fortissimo

The secret stored within the leaves
Of sacred pages, she receives.
For sweetest sorrow, it may seem,
May brighten yet the darkest dream.
And with this promise, she may snooze
For now she knows she cannot lose.
c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Interior with a Woman Reading
By Carl Holsoe
19th Century
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The Poser

La Petite Reveuse
By Jean-Francois Gilles Colson
18th Century

The Poser

Without a murmur, if you please,

The artist’s palette she’ll appease.


To read the most creative mind,

The child may reflect mankind.


When by the shutter does she sit,

No vanity do we admit.


Will we regard, respect, or tease?

Or simply utter: “Sit. Say cheese”?

c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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Bart's Heart

Bart’s Heart

Perhaps you know someone who is a little like our fine (though fictional) friend Bart. Maybe you have even had Bart-like moments of your own. Perhaps we all have . . . 

Over the Moon

A wealthy old fellow named Bart,
Though dandy, was daft – bless his heart.
His marbles he lost.
His cookies he tossed.
And Bart hitched his horse after cart.

Then one early spring afternoon,
To follow the phase of the moon,
Old Bart tipped his cap,
 Set off without map
And vanished from sight far too soon.
c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

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