Autumn is a little crafty.

The fall season makes many of us want to explore our creative bents and try our hands at artistic endeavors. Autumn crafts are fun to do, especially when they include seasonal samplings taken directly from nature’s wonders.

And sometimes, a weather shift and a glowing fall sky inspires a little seasonal rhyming. So there it is.

Crafty Autumn

Autumn’s coming. Leaves will fall.

Time to make a corn husk doll.

Let’s arrange some dried wildflowers,

Spending happy crafting hours.

Kids paint cones and gather gourds;

Dab collages on driftwood boards.

Autumn art is fun to make,

So catch the kids, and take a break.

c2007 by Linda Ann Nickerson

NOTE: Unauthorized use in printed materials, online, or in other published arenas is prohibited.

Crafty Kids
Creative Commons Licensing photo

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