Ode to Bad Poetry Day

August 18th is Bad Poetry Day. The muses are on break. Are you reading, writing, and rhyming?

Bad Poetry Day on Display

Today is Bad Poetry Day.
May wanna-be writers shout, "Hey!"
Go wrestle and rhyme
And have a great time,
As readers cry out, "Foul play!"

Today, rhyme and meter have fled.
Real literature waits, now unread.
Two-dozen clock spins
Forgive verbal sins.
Just write off the top of your head.

Tomorrow, the rules will return.
The blood of books’ teachers will burn.
Reviewers may chide
With comments most snide,
Bad poetry raises concern.

Still, cast off restraint for a while.
This holiday summons a smile.
Go play with a phrase
On this day of days.
Perhaps you may find your own style.
c2012 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Funny Faces by Louis-Leopold Boilly
Public Domain/Copyright Expired

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