Super-Seven Meme – Just for Fun

Super-Seven Meme – Just for Fun

Gemma has tagged me for a meme. This is th
e first tag-meme I have every tried, but it seemed like a fun idea for one time.

I have tagged five others (listed below, with links to their blogs), inviting them to play, if they wish. Of course, this is optional.

Instructions for the Super-Seven Meme:

All meme players answer these seven questions about themselves, posting their responses on their own blogs. Players may answer these questions any way they like.

At the end of their posts, all players will tag five people (of their own choices) and post their names in the same blog entries (as I did below).

Players then visit the blogs of those they have tagged to leave comments. This alerts the tagged folks to read the tagging players’ blogs for meme instructions.

If you have not yet been tagged, you can still play along with us. Just answer these questions on your own blog (with a link to this post right here), and tag five folks. Have fun!

Super-Seven Meme

1. Ten years ago: May 1998

Playing by Heart

A decade past, my kids would play;
We’d laugh and sing the hours away.
With baby grins

And chubby chins,
Why, every day was Mother’s Day.

My happy heart would overflow
To see my offspring bloom and grow
With energy
And synergy,
An animated picture show.

Now they are nearly peers; it’s true.
They try to tell me what to do.
With coyest wit,
Conniption fit,
An ever-knowing teen’s-eye-view.

But mothers’ hearts cannot be stilled,
Not even by the young, strong-willed.
With passion strong

And bond lifelong,
I watch my parent prayers fulfilled.

2. Five things on today's "to do" list:

(This item also responds to poetry prompts on “delayed,” “Edge” and “focus” from Three-Word Wednesday and “triolet” from Totally Optional Prompts.)

Triolet To-Do Today

I just don’t get it.
Perhaps I am delayed.
I just don’t get it.
A five-chore list I’ve made.
I just don’t get it.
The edges, they are frayed.
I just don’t get it.
My focus, it has strayed.
I just don’t get it . . . done.

3. Things I'd do if I was a billionaire:

(This item also responds to a poetry prompt on “race” and “own” from Two for Tuesdays.)

Loaded for Life

If I were a billionaire, holding the cards,
And leading the race by a few hundred yards,
I hope I would choose to hold loosely my cash
Instead of supporting my own private stash.

I might build an orphanage, mission or church,
Resulting from serious prayer and self-search.
For every gift comes direct from our God,
The only true Owner of all that is awed.

For who needs a castle and countless new toys,
Compared to eternal rewards and great joys!
Dear God, make my heart overflow, not my purse,
So I may adore You, for better or worse.

4. Three bad habits:

Collecting paperwork

Consuming chips

Craving chocolate

5. Five places I've lived:






6. Five jobs I've had:

Advertising executive





7. Five people I'm tagging for this meme. (Please note, this is completely optional!)

Jan at Moods and Metaphors

Juliet at Crafty Green Poet

Kneads to Know at Frequently Feline

Sylvia at Sylvia Calvia/Outlaw Art

Vixen at Vixen’s Den

Links for this post:

Loaded for Life

Playing by Heart

Triolet To-Do Today

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  1. You are utterly brilliant! What a delight this is! I am so glad I tagged you!

    Thank you for participating!


  2. i am so with gemma on this... brilliant indeed.. to encompass so many prompts in a meme format... i rarely if ever do memes,, but in the event i am faced with one in the future,, i will definitely refer back to this style!!!!!!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work! Good for you!

  4. Arrived through the 3WW link. Stayed for the whole show. Nicely done! That same meme (how I hate that word) made the rounds through my normal blog circle recently as well. How interesting.

  5. You did great with all the propts. I love the triolet!

    focussed on death

  6. i have never seen prompts in a meme-nic

  7. Thanks for the invite sounds like fun is right link------Close only counts in houseshoes and dancing...LOL

  8. Your mime is witty and wonderful. So much fun. How inspiring. I just did my first one and twas so serious....

  9. That was wonderful. Looks like you had a fun time with this.

  10. well, i'm sure i won't be able to match what you've come up with!! you worked hard on that, or at least it looks that way! i'll get to it by tomorrow, and i just wanted to let you know i'll participate...just a bit late. thanks for tagging me!

  11. Now that was super fun!!!! Great poetry and all put a smile on my face. Thanks for the smiles. Love your poems. I could use one a day for energy and clarity - although I still probally would get nothing done (smile). Thanks for creating! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  12. that's a nice way to do a meme, thanks for tagging me...

  13. You took this meme to a whole new level. Great job!

  14. excellent post... the format was friendly... thoughtful and humorous...

  15. Nice set and nice use of all prompts - interestingly I also posted a triolet for the 3ww prompts:)

    ... thank you leaving a comment, appreciate it...

  16. Golf clap all around! I know that was a lot of work and you made it fun! :D