Annual Affections - On Signing Books and Dirty Looks

(Posted in response to Manic Monday, Monday Mural and Poetry Train, prompts)

How sincere are yearbook autographers? Who signs those school yearbooks anyway - genuine friends, phony friends, wannabee friends or mere acquaintances? Do yearbook quips and quotes reveal students' real selves or pseudo-sentiments?

What do you think of the cover design this year? And how does everyone look in those photographs?

Annual Affections
(On Signing Books and Dirty Looks)

“Be courteous to all,
but intimate with few,
and let those few
be well tried
before you give them
your confidence.
George Washington
America’s First President
(1732 – 1799)

Last day of school; the yearbook’s here.
Time to spread love and good cheer.
Let’s pretend we’re friends so dear,
Although I’ll stiff you, come next year.

I’ll sign your yearbook; got a pen?
Say, tell me your first name again!
We saw each other, now and then,
In Algebra, the lion’s den.

What shall I write on this blank page,
A silly rhyme or prank teenage?
Perhaps a gossipy rampage
That might yet the in-crowd upstage.

Nah, I think I’ll just sign my name.
No LOL or words of shame.
I wouldn’t want to bear the blame,
For snuffing out your claim to fame.

Before I hand you back your book,
I think I’ll take a second look
And sketch a mustache on that crook
Who just last week my boyfriend took.

And maybe I’ll draw cross-cross eyes
On all those hormone-crazy guys,
Who tried to catch me by surprise
With groping hands and l’il white lies.

Sure, yearbooks can be lots of fun,
As we poke fun at everyone,
Then head out to the summer sun
And soon forget all that we’ve done.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

public domain artwork

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  1. You made me laugh! I remember the false intimacy of yearbook time! Yet another contest to see who was the top of the heap. Thanks for this.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  2. Couldn't help grin at this one a bit. Earlier tonight I was going through my pictures and read what some of my supposed friends placed on the back. I didn't even hang out with some of these people who decided to give me a picture. But, yet some wonderful words were left behind. I have to laugh at it now because I'm sure they don't remember me now and probably wouldn't even speak to me either. Nice post. Have a nice night.

  3. Before moving house, I threw away lot of stuff. One of those was my yearbook. Frankly I did not remember anything andmost of it was so silly. I love this post!


  4. The photo from poefusion would make a lovely yearbook cover!

  5. Reading your posts are always so much fun.

    I have a favour to ask. I am tagging you for a meme. It is completely optional. But I would be honoured if you would join in.

    Please see my blog for details.


  6. Thank you so much for your super fast response! I can't believe it!


  7. ... that was most enjoyable... it is always fun to look back and see those comments made years ago...!!

  8. As my graduating class's yearbook editor I approve this poem. Clever.Incidentally, as yearbook editor, we purged a few students from the book, changed names, and used subliminal messaging. It was the greatest one in decades!!!