Preteen Pretext (Phoning’s Cool for Middle School)

Preteen Pretext (Phoning’s Cool for Middle School)

My teenybopper has a phone;
She really never is alone.
It beeps and jitters day and night,
Emitting tiny bluish light.

Her ringtone is the latest rage,
As other preteens text and page.
One-liner messages appear
That make her grin from ear to ear.

The latest crisis, who likes whom,
The rock star with the best perfume;
Such weighty matters cause her thrill
And elevate our monthly bill.

And yet, the silver lining glows,
For we have never come to blows.
I never have to raise my voice,
Because I have a high-tech choice.

If school assignments pile sky-high,
I exhale with a weighty sigh.
Like every modern mom who cares,
I simply telephone upstairs.

When chores demand her energies,
I simply text her, asking “Please!”
No alibis or missing word,
Because it’s clear that she has heard.

And if my daughter goes outside
To visit friends, both far and wide,
Her curfew’s easy to enforce
With her new cellular resource.

This beeping tether holds her close,
While helping her feel grandiose.
If separation e’er occurs,
My speed-dial links my heart to hers.

Our handy cell phones help us out.
Convenient, easy, with no doubt.
Yes, certainly, they have their place.
But can’t we talk once, face to face?
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Posted in response to a Sunday Scribblings “telephone” prompt and in response to Monday Poetry Train.)

public domain artwork

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  1. What a clever little piece! Seems you're getting benefits from her having the phone too. Well done!

  2. That's one of the most positive pieces I've ever seen about teenagers having their own phones (and how they use them).

    Linda, you rock.

  3. Clever, fun and true to life! I didn't have that opportunity when I was young enough to have teeny-boppers, but I have seen it at work in the families of my children and their children.

    Happy Mothers' Day!

  4. I still find it ridiculous when I seen pre-teen with cell!
    But then I'm not a mother!

  5. As a teacher, I am really against pre-teens having a phone. Consider me an oddity!


    child to love?