Leading Without Pleading

Leading Without Pleading:
Verses to Trace One Who Set the Pace 

In neatly knotted wingtips,
The pilgrim led the way,
His character and friendships
Were simple to survey.

My baby steps extended
To follow in his prints,
As each day, I pretended
And have done ever since.

I'd leap from step to step then,
And try to match his walk.
Then ask a question, once again;
I loved to hear him talk.

I've seldom seen him barefoot;
He never had the time.
And yet, his solid input
Protected me from crime.

Now grown, in pumps, I long for
His footsteps in my path.
To point out right or wrong or
Avoid the aftermath.

Advancing in his eighties now,
He saves his point of view
Unless I ask, with wrinkled brow.
"Hey, Dad, I sure love you."
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Posted in response to Easy Street’s prompt #175 on “Daddy’s Girl”)
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  1. A very clever tribute. Thanks for participating in this week's Carnival of Family Life hosted at Live from Waterloo on Monday, June 2, 2008! Be sure to check out the other excellent entries this week!

  2. This is such a heartwarming tribute to your father. I would love to include it, with your permission of course,in Slice of Life Sunday for the prompt of My Father.

  3. How sweet Linda! Fathers are so important aren't they? I love how he doesn't comment until you ask - my Dad's not there yet.. lol! Thanks for your comment on my Father's tribute. :D