Doing the NaPoWriMo – A to Z Shuffle

Whoosh! March is flying by, bringing National Poetry Writing Month and the April A to Z Blogging Challenge ever closer.

Color me crazy, if you must. 

I’ve signed up to do the A to Z challenge with eight blogs. And, here at Nickers and Ink, my 26 April alphabetical posts will be poetic.

Help me out, readers! 

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Think I’ll finish before April runs out?

I just May.

Counting Blogs and Sawing Logs

A blogger hoped many would read,
Their traffic would help her succeed.
With posts still to write,
She planned through the night,
The finish not yet guaranteed.

Yet, sleepless, she plotted her posts
Denying naysayers’ ripostes.
Her pencil, she honed.
She blocked all who phoned
And banished the writer’s block ghosts.

c2013 by Linda Ann Nickerson
All rights reserved

Who’s with me?

This poetic post includes a limerick-off prompt from Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Woman Writing
Vintage postcard – public domain
NaPoWriMo graphic
Created by LAN/Nickers and Ink
on Flaming Text
April A to Z promo logo
Fair use

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