Playing House

Playing House

This weekend, our witty friend Galen will hand off his beloved daughter to her fiance in marriage. In a flash, his child will be setting up house with another.

Recognizing this auspicious occasion, today’s Friday Flash-55 is dedicated to the G-man. Congratulations and best wishes!

The Tailor Made Girl

By C. Jay Taylor


Father of the Bride –

A Limericked Pair for a Papa with Flair

The spiffiest papa this hour,

Beholding his lovely young flower.

Adorned all in white,

This beautiful sight,

He wished he could stash in a tower.

But walls wouldn’t hold hands of time,

Not stave off this moment sublime.

With eyes closed, he gasped.

His child’s grip he grasped

And up to the altar did climb.

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  1. I enjoyed your limericks, Linda.

    Congratulations to your friend!

  2. Ooh. I could feel this one. Brought back memories.

  3. what a sweet 55, i bet it will make the g-man proud, who knew he was such a softy.
    i just love the talented people i read and meet through the blogger sphere. i love your site, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment i so appreciate the time people take to do that.

  4. These wedding 55's are flooding me with memories of my own daughter's wedding. She found her soul mate, and I'm so grateful she is happy.

    This was a nice gesture for the lovable, easy going G-man too!

  5. Simply every way!!!!

  6. Great take on the wedding. Nicely done.

  7. Congrats to your buddy! and Good luck to the newlyweds!

  8. Oh this was nicely done indeed! Great skill!

  9. Ah but Galen, perpetual landlubber is today going to give away his oldest daughter.
    Personally I am making a pool
    for the time when the old fool begins to blubber.

    Said in the utmost respect Galen...I've already been through this so I know.

    Thanks for inviting me over Nickers and Ink and for your thoughtful words.

  10. oh yes, that must be such a hard moment for so many papas. You have said it in such a playful rhythm.

  11. BRAAAAAVO! Wow! You are a bloomin' genius to write a 55 poem and make it fit sooooo many prompts! You deserve an award of some kind! That was just awesome! :)

  12. What a wonderful tribute to the wedding day; I enjoyed the limericks!

  13. an interesting way to go with this!!!
    Great job

  14. What a beautiful tribute to our friend! Weddings are all about love and today I'm reminded to keep my focus on showing those I love just how much they mean to me.
    Thanks for your comments and a GREAT 55! Nice to meet you! TK

  15. what a nice message! perfect for the g-man...

  16. This is so nice G is sure to love it. Have a great weekend and my 55 is up.

  17. Linda....

    I am so very honored and proud to know you and your GREAT talent.

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

    Wonderful 55....Galen

    :-) :-)

  18. How nice of you to think of G man on this expensive occasion.
    How nice of you to leave such a nice comment on our 55.

  19. Good tribute! I'm sure that's exactly how he's feeling.

  20. Ah, weddings! you reminded me of so many memories--my own wedding, my sons, my granddaughter.

    I enjoyed your limericks.

  21. A very nice tribute to Galen and his gaining a son!

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  22. What a light touch you have. a wonderful celebratory piece for such delicate emotions.


  23. You are a very talented writer to include so many elements for so many prompts within one piece. (very jealous!!) Your rhythm and pace within this piece is delightful, light and keeps readers interested.

    Welcome to Friday Fiction - I love to see poetry submitted and I look forward to seeing you more at our site.

    my FF can be found here

  24. Fantastic 55! ;-)

  25. I love the photo posted above. That was so cute!hhmm...
    Keep coming back for more. Cheers! :D