MAD Glibs – Limericks and Fun

MAD Glibs – Limericks and Fun

My friend Mad Kane has issued several calls for limericks lately. Here’s my attempt to catch up, just for laughs. (The lines in red typeface represent the limerick prompts.)

Emancipated Waitress

There once was a guy with no hair.

Each evening, he played solitaire.

The day finally came

When one pretty dame

Discovered him a millionaire.

Total Denial

A hard-working author named Fink

Once penned a “Dear John” to his shrink.

He ranted and railed.

The missive he mailed,

But wrote with invisible ink.

The Party Line

There once was a government clerk,

Disgruntled with his line of work.

Then he had a fling

With sweet silly string

And drove all his colleagues berserk.

Strappy, but Snappy

A woman was feeling depressed.

She needed not double chin rest.

A surgeon with glee

Took her E to B,

And she got it off of her chest.

The Collector

A fictional writer named Frank

Fell victim to publisher prank.

He offered his tale

‘Mid fresh cakes and ale,

And signed for a royalty blank.

The Other Woman

There once was a nag known as Ag,

A stingy and surly old bag.

But each night she danced,

By suitors entranced,

Thus causing the town tongues to wag.

Taxi Time

A dim-witted driver named Ed,

Whose long locks were braided in dredd,

Did smartly refuse

His real name to use,

Because it nine syllables read.

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts “the collector,” “the party line,” “the other woman,” “emancipated waitress,”)

Mad Kane (Limericks: “A woman was feeling depressed,” “There once was a guy with no hair…” “There once was a government clerk…” “A hard-working author named Fink…” or “There once was a nag known as Ag…” or “A dim-witted driver named Ed”)

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