Hurry Up, Healing

Hurry Up, Healing
A Senryu for Mending Past Due

Have you ever broken a bone or two? One of my favorite horses tossed me in the dirt about six weeks ago. This practically perfect pony went from plum tuckered out to a boisterous buck-fest in a heartbeat, as a hornet stung him. And I went flying.

In fact, we had to toss my equestrian safety helmet, which was cracked.

Stumbling to my feet and staggering into the emergency room, I found out I had sustained at least 10 fractures. You might say I’ve been sidelined awhile, and I’m growing a bit more antsy each day.

If you’ve experienced a fairly significant injury in your lifetime, you probably know the feeling, when you just want to hurry up the healing.

Hurry Up, Healing
A Senryu for Mending Past Due

Can’t stand sitting still.
Disregarding doctors’ words.
C’mon, fractures! Heal!
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Falling from the Horse
Public Domain Artwork

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