Back on the draggin’ trail

Aboard now, we’re back on the fly.
Bid summer vacation goodbye.
As children board buses with books,
And roommates exchange leery looks,
The whip snaps, but something’s awry.

Our favorite month in the morn
Still leaves us bereft and forlorn.
The horses are hitched. We’re resolved
To goals that have not yet evolved.
We’re back on the wagon, but torn.

Thus, loaded, we urge on the pair,
As menacing deadlines ensnare.
And rampant run worries, alas!
The ropes, they unravel too fast.
We’re never with nary a care.

But fall holds its promise again.
Thus, autumn brings boldness to men.
While leaves sport the colors of earth,
We labor for all that we’re worth
And echo the lusty amen.

c2015 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem incorporates these blog prompts:

Curious as a Cat – favorite month
Meme Express – books
Three Word Wednesday – menacing, rampant, unravel
One-MinuteWriter - roommate
Sepia Saturday – wagon photo

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Walsh’s Royal Mail and Day Car
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