Merry Christmas from Nickers and Ink

 Merry Christmas from Nickers and Ink!

You won't find a plethora of poetic posts on Nickers and Ink this month, because I'm blogging my little heart out at Heart of a Ready Writer - doing my own Advent A to Z Challenge. I invite you to check it out! And have a very merry Christmas!

Dodging the Panda

Dodging the Panda

 (for all my AC/YCN friends)

We’re moving to a new domain.
The reasoning is fairly plain.
Since Panda left us in the dust,
No longer do we page views trust.

Since February, we have mourned,
As Google has our readers scorned.
The Panda buried titles deep
With writers crying, “Bleepity-bleep!”

Yahoo! Let’s take another chance
And maybe do our happy dance.
May hyperlinks uplift our hearts
And raise the numbers on our charts.

We welcome browsers, one and all,
To overlook the Panda’s call.
This ursine carnivore is cute,
Unless he steals our page view fruit.

Today the change may make us frown,
And readership may slip way down.
But by tomorrow, all retooled,
May publications be refueled.
c2011 by Linda Ann Nickerson

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast:
Man never is, but always to be blest.”
Alexander Pope

NOTE: In February 2011, Google implemented Panda, an algorithm alteration that automatically deranked many informative websites in user search results. Those affected most by the change included user-generated news and features sites, social networking communities and websites containing significant levels of advertising.



Giant Panda
By Matthew Field
Creative Commons Licensing Photo

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