Steamed or Redeemed – A Boiling Roil on Daily Toil


Steamed or Redeemed – 

A Boiling Roil on Daily Toil


I’m thankful for at least ten things.

Remind me when my mis’ry stings.

My coffee pot

Can fix a lot,

As “Easy does it,” so it sings.


My nose tips slightly out of joint,

As winged worries angst anoint,

Till wonders weird

My sights have cleared.

To draw me back from boiling point.


Another Monday might be mild,

To cheer and calm this child riled.

In this, I thank

And bow to rank

Far ‘neath the One who on me smiled.


‘Tis far past time; I must look up.

Perhaps I need another cup.

c2022 by Linda Ann Nickerson



This poem was posted in response to these prompts:


Image: Pixabay - public domain photo

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