Farewell to Mr. Know-It-All

Sometimes friends show up in unexpected places and cause us to ponder and think hard and maybe laugh even harder. And then they are gone. And even if we have never seen one another face to face, we are saddened by the loss.

Here’s a verse in tribute of just such a friend. I am praying comfort and peace over the family of Galen, the G-man and self-titled Mr. Know-It-All. And thank for the Flash-55 reading and writing fun over the years.

Farewell to Mr. Know-It-All 

Discovering a friend has died,

Although we never met, I cried.

His unexpected point-of-view

Stirred me to look at life askew.

He prompted us to laugh and write

In 55-word form delight.

A storyteller to amuse

With constant quips and quirky views,

Sir Galen, ride in full array.

We’ll miss you, as you ride away.

c2014 by Linda Ann Nickerson


G-man photo courtesy of Mr. Know-It All

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