A Nation's New Notion

(Here's a poetic entry for Thursday Thirteen’s “pick a letter of the alphabet” prompt.”)

A Nation’s New Notion

Now it is time to proclaim.
New notions can set me aflame.
Needing answers and more,
Never known heretofore,
Nudged along curiosity’s game.

Niggling name-droppers, no food for thought,
Nodding sycophants, notions store-bought.
Nonsense offers its odds
Nominating the frauds.
Needless, neutral is something I’m not.

Not to negate a nation’s belief,
Neither noticing nothing’s motif,
No, now we need novel relief.

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  1. Now that was a good variation on TT. Liked it!

  2. aren't you the clever one. Great TT

  3. neat idea for a tt!!

    visit my tt -- it's lonely! hehe

  4. Entertaining and creative - I loved it. A long way off the main road, thankfully.